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Error During Submission of Life, the Universe, and Everything

I submitted a solution for the problem "Life, the Universe, and Everything", based on the sample input and output. I got a Run time Error (NZEC). I googled the cause of this error and got to know that online platforms expect input delimited by space. So I changed the code and resubmitted and I got "Wrong Answer". I know my both my solutions work but do not know what CodeChef Expects. Please help.

Solution 1: (this gave runtime error, input is as per sample input one below the other)

while 1:
  n = input()
  if (n == ""):

for numbers in num: if (numbers == 42): break print(numbers)

Solution 2: (This gave wrong Answer, input is on one line delimited by space)

a=[int(x) for x in input().split()]

for numbers in a: if (numbers == 42): break print(numbers)

asked 26 Jul, 09:46

Priyashriram's gravatar image

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Hello ma'am, You need to take input assuming that the input will come in the format given in sample input. Here it is 1 integer input in each line as mentioned in the question here:

Kindly try and modify your program accordingly.


answered 26 Jul, 12:56

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The "Solution 1" was accepting input as per sample. But that gave runtime error NZEC hence I modified the code.

The issue is that the question does not specify when to stop the input. I assumed a NULL (i.e. ENTER without value) means the input has stopped and the output should start.

(27 Jul, 10:59) Priyashriram0★

I submitted this solution and CODECHEF accepted it, even though it does not satisfy the input and output requirements.

    x = int(input())
    if x == 42:
    else :
        print (x)
(27 Jul, 11:21) Priyashriram0★

The problem says that keep accepting input and print it till the user enters 42.

The above program is satisfying the given requirements and so it worked.

(27 Jul, 18:55) pallavi0★

But it does not match sample input and sample output!!!

(28 Jul, 10:16) Priyashriram0★
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