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Being part of the large CSpathshala community as a teacher/volunteer/content creator, we are sure all of you have interesting, at times thought provoking stories to share. CSpathshala is launching a series “Share your Story” for the community so that invaluable experiences can be shared with a larger audience.

As a teacher you became part of a change engine that called for additional burden and effort on your part. We are sure there were times your students brought a smile to your face as well times when they left you exasperated. You take great pride in what they achieve and therefore we would like to hear about your experiences and stories while teaching Computational Thinking and the impact on the youth of tomorrow. Do share your stories, however interesting or silly they may sound.

As a volunteer/content creator, among the various opportunities presented, you chose to partner with CSpathshala. What motivated you to join, how has been your journey so far? What makes you tick to continue and give your valuable time to this initiative? We will love to hear your stories. They would be an inspiration for all.

Please submit your stories in 200-300 words as a response to this question. As pictures are worth a thousand words, we recommend you to upload a picture or a collage along with your story. The earlier you post your story, the better are the chances of the community reading it, thereby increasing the chance of acquiring more votes. We encourage the entire community to vote on the stories. The top three stories for every series will feature on the main CSPathshala website.

So here is the first of the series "My journey with CSpathshala began…"

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My journey with CSpathshala began when my dear friend, Sharan, introduced me to the feeling of 'giving back to the society, what I had achieved so far.' Being a frequent visitor to Sharan's house introduced me to her mom and one of the core members of CSpathshala - Sonia. As we spoke, I learnt more and more about the work that they were involved in and it was then that I realized that I could be part of something worthwhile.

The aim of CSpathshala to instill computational thinking in schools, appealed to me the most, since I could relate to the need for understanding concepts more than learning them by rote. A computer science background and a similar line of work in my profession, helped me slide into reviewing Hindi lessons recently, which I have enjoyed doing.

As part of one of the most reputed consultancy organizations that stresses upon working for the society, I always wanted to join one of the several groups that contributed to making the world around us better, one bit at a time. CSpathshala is one such group that gave me the opportunity to begin this journey. On one occasion, the CSpathshala team conducted an orientation session to encourage the associates in my organisation to join them. This gave me a deep insight into the aim and activities involved in this group.

My current job in my organisation involves reviewing and sanitizing important document deliverables for projects. This became a major advantage for the upcoming tasks that I was supposed to take up. As soon as I registered for CSpathshala, I was entrusted upon with the responsibility of reviewing Hindi lessons. Being fairly fluent in Hindi, I was happy to spare my time in providing every possible recommendation for improving the lessons. The more I reviewed, the more I enjoyed this work. At every step, I had Sharan and her mom to guide me and for that, I am extremely grateful.

I also had a couple of occasions where I attended CSpathshala volunteers' meetings. These introduced me to a number of enthusiastic volunteers, who proactively shared their thoughts and ideas for making the learning process easier and fun. In a sweet gesture, we also received T-shirts designed especially for the volunteers.

This initiative has been one of the most satisfying experiences that I have had so far! And I hope to be part of this amazing group and share many more such wonderful experiences in future as well.


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alt text My journey with CSpathshala began with an initiation to this platform by my mother. From here began my interactions with so many interesting people who always had so much to share about computational thinking through brainstorming sessions for content development and the workshops I attended.

Being from a non computer science background, the teachers training workshops that I attended sure got me interested in this a lot more through the puzzles and games played by the volunteers.

Discussions with Vipul and Nikhil on how to spread awareness about CSpathshala when we had just started out led to an interesting opportunity for me. Being a content writer, I was given the chance to come up with ideas on how we can create a newsletter that gives a glimpse into the events held, updates on progress of CSpathshala and getting some experts from the field sharing their thoughts on computational thinking. Working on the layout and the content of the newsletter to finally seeing a printed copy when launched at a volunteer's meet was something that made me feel proud of being a volunteer and seeing that everyone appreciated all the efforts put in by us.


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Growing up I've always wanted to be a teacher. Life had other plans and I ended up working in the IT sector. When the opportunity came along to create content for CSPathshala, I was happy that I would be able to contribute to school going kids in a different way. Though I've never created content for anything before, I was quite confident and wondered how hard can it be to write a lesson for young kids. I remember the first lesson I had to create was for 2nd graders on the concept of Loop, I took a lot of pride in what I had created and sent it for review to Nikhil and was expecting a reply back with accolades on my creativity. The reply came alright, except for the first line which said "Great effort" ( I guess he was being a gentleman) the comments for every slide was to the contrary of accolades. That's when I realized it requires a different thinking cap when you write content for 2nd graders. I went into a learning mode to understand what it would take to get the point across to a 2nd grader.

Found out that a lot of kids that age were into playing Angry Birds. I'm not big into video games, took help from my teenager and started playing Angry Birds. After which, creating the same lesson with Angry Birds examples with lots of colorful pictures did the trick. All that was required was a change in my own mindset about imparting a simple but a very important concept in computing. The icing on the cake was when I got to see the content that I had created in a printed book. It's been a pleasure to create contents and the journey thus far has been wonderful!


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Our journey with CS Pathshala.

Peter Drucker, the great management expert and educator,once said "If you want to do something new, you have to STOP doing something OLD !"

..and that is just what we did at Global Public School, Kochi, Kerala this academic year 2017-18 .

Global Public School, is a young twelve year old school, which constantly strives to implement learning to our students which will be relevant to them in their future years. Therefore , 8 years back, the IT team had moved out the fixed textbook concept, and reworked our content to ensure that age appropriate skills were imparted to our students. This had meant a huge paradigm shift for our teachers . Instead of being stuck to teaching WORD,EXCEL, POWERPOINT based on the version in the textbook, our teachers had to come up with a curriculum that would cater to the IT requirements of a child based on his/her academic requirements. We implemented our self developed curriculum which involved teaching Typing skills, Word processing across different word processors like Word, Google Docs etc and also had hands on work done in 3D Printing.

So when I came across CS Pathshala, it was a harmonious extension of our thought process. Here was set of people from the Industry who looked at Computers not as a subject boxed in by a PC, but who worked towards empowering students to see "Computing" in everything and at the same time included many of the aspects that we were doing.

So, what we did is, this alt textyear 2017-18 , my team took up the challenge of piloting the CSPathshala curriculum in totality. So from Grade 1 to Grade 8, we modified our curriculum to incorporate the CS Pathshala pitch towards teaching Computing as a skill. We played Sudoku, created route maps, talked of Euler's and Hamiltonian concepts and found students asking for more. The structured powerpoints, lesson plans and the well thought out worksheets helped the teacher to have an active classroom. Of course we have made quite a few course corrections and been vociferous in our feedback, yet as the year draws to a close , we are happy to say that the CS Pathshala curriculum for Grade 1 to 5 has been successfully blended into our content and we really feel happy to have taken it up. The curriculum for Grade 6 to 8 has been tweaked at our end and we are still waiting to see how it can be moulded better to implement more Office automation skills and hands on applications.

The CS Pathshala team led by Vipul Shah and supported by Sonia Garcha and so many others are truly passionate in their commitment to revolutionise IT learning and it is my privilege to be part of this initiative

Susanna Sunil Vice Principal -IT,Systems & Communicaion Global Public School alt text

alt text


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It was at the beginning of the academic year 2015- 16 that we teachers at Vikhe Patil Memorial School were informed of a new initiative that was designed to make students think and learn Computer Science logically. Being extremely intrigued by it, a subsequent initiation session was conducted by Vipul Sir and his team in which they gave us more information about ACM and its mission and introduced the program “Code to Learn”. This initiative being one of its kind, and a practice that we had never encountered before, we teachers were all very impressed by it. So in March 2015, our school management asked us to redesign the curriculum for Computer Science.
In the meantime, CSpathshala conducted their first workshop for numerous schools together, and witnessing the prior enthusiastic approval from all of us for their team, our school decided to participate in the workshop as well. So successful and knowledgeable was their very first workshop that all the 4 teachers of our Computer Science Department unanimously decided to join their pilot project. This decision of ours soon turned out to be the pivotal point for the method of teaching Computer Science at our school. In the first year of its course, with Vipul Sir and his team’s valuable help, we taught the new curriculum to students up till the age of standard V. In the second year, taking a huge leap forward, we increased it to teach the students of standard VIII. “Learn Computer Science without Computer” though an ironical tagline, has proved to be a massive hit with our students who have overcome their initial puzzlement by being given puzzles and alternative fun techniques to solve them. They have now started enjoying it so much that they now request even more theoretical classes. Seeing the enjoyment and the progress of our students, their parents are equally appreciative of this new initiative. Some of the compliments that frequently come on the way are “Thank you for giving more importance to logic than syntax”, “Some good changes coming up in the Computer Science subject”, “Thank you for making my child understand how to solve problems logically”. My personal liking for this subject apart, the approach and attitude portrayed by the team of CSpathshala has endeared our faculty to them even more. Giving untiring explanations to our numerous queries, giving full support in making our work easier, being ever ready to accepting changes suggested by teachers are valuable factors that have made this team such a pleasure to work with. This approach by the CSpathshala team in fact even prompted me to help them out with translations that were required to be carried out from English- Marathi for their proposed courses. I can definitely say without hesitation, that my interactions and work with this team has helped me tremendously in being a teacher and growing as one, and opened the path to being a volunteer with this remarkable team. alt text


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My journey with CS Pathshala began in May 2016 when I saw a Facebook post by Navin Kabra about this new initiative. I was instantly hooked. As someone educated in India and in computer science, I always felt that it would be great to have some form of computer science education in schools. Since then, I've contributed to content and the setting up of the Asana workspace to manage CSP activities, and even got a chance to be quoted in a newspaper article about CS Pathshala!

The biggest villain in content creation is something dubbed the 'curse of knowledge' - how does one ensure that the material being created makes sense to the intended audience? Getting the level, the language, the examples right without deeply understanding the audience was a challenge for me. So how do you build 'empathy'? Fortunately, the reviewers and the review process helps give early and good feedback. Plus, there is a general willingness in the CSP community to iterate over content, rope in experts to help with age appropriateness, and use teacher feedback to get better.

So I know that even if what I produce today may not be ideal, the collective process will take it closer to a gold standard sooner rather than later."


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