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Need detail of each chapter of class 7

Dear Sir/Madam,

Requesting to please provide the details of each lesson for 7th. Also, It will be great if you can provide examples/ practise test for class 7. This treat this as an urgent as my sons IT exam is on 24 July.

asked 22 Jul '17, 17:15

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answered 23 Jul '17, 20:37

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All the lessons can be accessed through the resources link on the home page. The above link is specific for std 7.

Each lesson has worksheet with examples.


answered 23 Jul '17, 20:39

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Dear Vipul sir, Thanks for your kind reply. But only curriculum is mentioned under resources. Need to know where can I find chapterwise/coursewise study material.

(11 Sep '17, 06:38) aayanbangi0★

Please check the Slides/Worksheet column. For each lesson links are provided to the study material.

(12 Sep '17, 11:29) vipul.shah ♦♦0★
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Asked: 22 Jul '17, 17:15

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